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CFDA At Work for You: September Quarterly Update

Every quarter, CFDA leaders meet in person for in-person committee and Board of Directors meetings, where they work to develop new member benefits, review the association's finances, plan its annual convention, and exchange ideas on how CFDA can best serve its members and funeral professionals across the state.

Below is a recap from CFDA's September Quarterly Committee and Board of Directors Meetings. If you have any questions, feedback, or would like to learn how to get more involved, please don't hesitate to reach out to the CFDA staff team at

CFDA Leaders Meet at the site of CFDA's 2024 Annual Convention - the Beautiful Omni Rancho Las Palmas in Rancho Mirage, CA


The Membership Committee of the California Funeral Directors Association (CFDA) convened a meeting focused on enhancing member engagement and outreach initiatives. The meeting a passionate discussion on strategies to better serve CFDA members and strengthen their connection with the association.

One key agenda item during the meeting was the development of a CFDA member volunteer orientation program. Committee members recognized the importance of providing new and existing CFDA volunteers with a comprehensive orientation. This orientation would cover essential topics, including how to become involved in a committee, time commitments, leadership opportunities, and more. The objective is to equip volunteers with the knowledge and resources needed to actively contribute to the CFDA's mission.

Jim LaMar, chair of the committee, seized the opportunity to rally support for quarterly member outreach efforts. LaMar highlighted the significance of maintaining regular communication with CFDA members, reminding them of their valuable benefits, and seeking input on how CFDA can continually improve its service. He emphasized that these touchpoints are a vital way to convey the association's commitment to its members.

In a display of enthusiasm and dedication, Jenna Moerk, Vice President of CFDA, volunteered to take an active role in the quarterly outreach program. Her willingness to engage with members directly is a clear indication of the committee's commitment to fostering meaningful relationships within the CFDA community.

Furthermore, Jasmine Berrios offered her expertise by volunteering to craft a script for the outreach communication. Her contribution will ensure that CFDA's outreach efforts are not only consistent but also effectively convey the association's dedication to its members.

The Membership Committee remains devoted to its mission of enhancing member engagement, delivering value, and fostering a vibrant CFDA community. The initiatives discussed during this meeting underscore the committee's commitment to serving its members diligently and maintaining a strong sense of community within the association.

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee of the California Funeral Directors Association (CFDA) held a pivotal meeting recently to discuss and implement a range of initiatives designed to enrich the skills and knowledge of its members. During the meeting, held on Sep 28th, several important topics and projects were addressed, underlining the committee's dedication to advancing the professional development of CFDA members.

Resource Academy Expansion: A significant highlight of the meeting was the discussion surrounding the expansion of CFDA's Resource Academy. Members of the committee emphasized the importance of providing funeral service professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. To this end, the committee is actively working on the development of a comprehensive Cemetery Manager Review Course. A dedicated subcommittee has been established to oversee and guide this project to completion within the current year. This initiative underscores CFDA's commitment to offering its members valuable educational resources and opportunities for skill development.

Cal-OSHA Program Progress: Raymundo, co-chair of the Professional Development committee, presented an insightful update on the Cal-OSHA program. He noted a steady increase in the program's growth, highlighting its importance for members. In a proactive move, Jasmine Berrios suggested reaching out to participants enrolled in the Cal-OSHA program, with a proposal for them to share video testimonials about their experiences. CFDA staff will facilitate this collaboration by connecting Jasmine and Raymundo with the enrolled members. The goal is to amplify the positive impact of this valuable program on CFDA members.

Enhancing Online Training: In response to the evolving needs of funeral service professionals, the committee tackled the enhancement of online training programs. Raymundo presented a comprehensive report on this initiative. Steve Crawford, who has been actively involved in the project, discussed his ongoing work to revise the Online Arranger Training program. He emphasized the incorporation of visual and voiceover services. Raymundo himself volunteered to collaborate with Steve on this project, underlining the committee's commitment to providing high-quality and innovative training resources to its members.

The CFDA Professional Development Committee continues to be dedicated to advancing the skills, knowledge, and expertise of its members. The initiatives discussed during this meeting reflect the committee's unwavering commitment to equipping funeral service professionals with the tools they need to thrive in their roles.


The Communications Committee of the California Funeral Directors Association (CFDA) met recently to strategize and advance initiatives aimed at strengthening member engagement, information dissemination, and content management. During this meeting committee members shared their progress and discussed plans to keep CFDA members well-informed and actively involved in the association's mission.

Empowering Content Creation and Management: Committee members Kimberly and Ray shared exciting updates on their efforts to spotlight California's new mortuary science program at Cañada College. This initiative reflects the committee's commitment to providing valuable and relevant content to CFDA members, enhancing their awareness of educational opportunities and industry advancements.

Enhancing Member and Board Engagement: Cody Federman provided insights into his work aimed at strengthening connections with CFDA members. The focus is on keeping members engaged and involved with the association, ensuring that their voices are heard and valued.

In-Depth Committee Reports and Ongoing Updates: Committee members Steve and Jenna unveiled plans to launch a series of summaries and recaps of CFDA's quarterly meetings. This project will commence with the September 2023 meeting, serving as a valuable resource to keep CFDA members apprised of the association's ongoing work and achievements.

Strengthening Local Association Collaboration: Jim LaMar on his fruitful interactions with local associations. Kimberly Worl encouraged members from other local associations to share their updates with CFDA. Sean Douglass suggested a gathering of California's local association leaders to foster idea exchange, with Tina expressing her desire to participate. CFDA staff will play a pivotal role in coordinating and reaching out to facilitate this important collaboration.

Monitoring Metrics and Evaluations: Jasmine Berrios, committee chair, shared essential data on CFDA's social media metrics, underscoring the importance of a comprehensive online presence. Matt Peralta provided valuable insights by reporting that CFDA's app downloads have reached an impressive 200. These metrics demonstrate the association's commitment to providing members with efficient and accessible platforms for information and engagement.

The CFDA Communications Committee continues to demonstrate unwavering dedication to its mission of fostering active communication and engagement within the association. These initiatives and reports exemplify the committee's resolve to keep CFDA members informed, involved, and equipped with the knowledge they need to excel in their roles.

Convention Committee

The California Funeral Directors Association (CFDA) Convention Committee is in full swing, actively planning for an exceptional convention scheduled for next year. With a focus on enhancing the attendee experience, the committee is set to introduce exciting changes and memorable events that will elevate the convention to new heights.

Here are some key highlights from the recent convention planning meeting:

Reimagining the Schedule of Events: The committee is all set to redefine the convention's schedule of events, introducing specific changes that promise to make the 2024 convention a standout experience. Jenna Moerk, current Vice President of CFDA, emphasized the importance of these changes, underscoring the added value they will bring to attendees. Vendor members of the committee expressed extreme pleasure with the schedule modifications, recognizing the increased opportunities for interaction with convention-goers. Notably, the group brainstormed ideas for vendors to organize foursomes for golfing, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and engagement. In a move to enhance the vendor experience, the convention will also feature a transition to pipe and drape booths, providing a visually appealing and efficient setup.

Call for Presentations and Speaker Ideas: CFDA received an impressive total of 21 submissions for presentations. The committee is actively reviewing these submissions and met on October 5 to make initial selections. This robust response ensures that attendees will have access to an array of informative and engaging presentations at the 2024 convention.

Special Event - Vacation Vibes Outdoor Lawn Party: The convention will feature a captivating special event on Sunday, June 30, 2024. The "Vacation Vibes Outdoor Lawn Party" will transport attendees to a relaxed lounge atmosphere, complete with outdoor lawn games and a photo booth equipped with props. To promote networking and a touch of fun, committee Chair Kimberly Worl suggested the addition of a networking game. The committee is also exploring the possibility of including a beer pong table. CFDA staff is working diligently to create sponsorship opportunities tied to the exhibit hall and special events, further enhancing the experience for attendees.

President's Banquet - A Modern Twist on a Timeless Tradition: The President's Banquet, scheduled for Monday, July 1, 2024, promises to be a unique and memorable affair. Attendees can look forward to a modern twist on this timeless tradition, with the potential for an all-white attire and décor party, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication to the convention.

Flag Folding Demonstration: The convention will feature a poignant and symbolic flag folding demonstration, incorporated into the schedule of events. This 15-minute demonstration, set to close the exhibit hall on Tuesday, ensures that attendees are aware of and can participate in this touching tribute.

Charity Focus - Farm Animal Refuge: CFDA's commitment to giving back is evident in its choice of charity for the 2024 convention. This year, the convention will support the Farm Animal Refuge, a small but impactful charity based in San Diego. The organization specializes in rescuing farm animals that are sick, dying, or abused, with a particular focus on providing artificial limbs and mobility assistive devices to goats in need.

Student Participation and Sponsorship: CFDA continues to invest in the future of the funeral service profession. Orange County Dignity Memorial is generously sponsoring transportation for students on Tuesday, July 2, enabling them to participate in the exhibit hall, general sessions, and the service of remembrance. With the possibility of making this a mandatory field trip for Cypress students, the committee is keen to ensure that the convention content aligns with the students' educational needs. Tina, a dedicated committee member, has volunteered to support the students and provide valuable guidance on suitable presentations for their benefit.

The CFDA Convention Committee is dedicated to creating an immersive, informative, and memorable convention experience in 2024. With innovative changes, engaging events, and a strong commitment to charity and student engagement, the committee aims to make the upcoming convention a resounding success.



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