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Consumer Information

What is pre-need?

Most people don’t want to talk about funerals. But, most people who have recently lost a loved one wish they had taken the time to talk about funeral arrangements. By preplanning and prefunding your funeral arrangements, you’ll make it easier for your family. You will have already answered the tough questions and made the decisions that need to be made. Because you took the time to preplan your funeral, your family will be comforted knowing that they carried out arrangements just as you wanted. There won’t be tough financial decisions, because you have reviewed all of the options, made decisions and set aside the funds to pay for funeral expenses.

How do you preplan and pre-fund your funeral?

The experienced funeral home staff has helped hundreds of families like yours. They’ll outline options, answer questions, and help put your mind at ease. You will have a plan that fits your family’s needs. In August 1992, an AARP Product Report stated, “Preplanning can provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing all the details have been organized… Many have also chosen to pay for their funerals in advance.””Preplanning your own funeral arrangements is a sensible and thoughtful thing to do. Your willingness to become informed… and your personal involvement in planning… will be a source of comfort to your survivors.” (Consumers’ Research, August, 1995)

Who has the right to decide what the funeral arrangements will be for an individual?

If an individual has set out his or her wishes in writing with a legal contract (including power of attorney for healthcare) or a preneed arrangement, that preneed determines the right of disposition. If not, the usual order of control is:

  1. Spouse

  2. Child who is 18+ years old, or the majority of children over 18

  3. Parents

  4. Other more distant relatives

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