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CFDA Member Code of Ethics

In order to foster and perpetuate high ethical standards in the funeral service profession, each member of this association hereby pledges to adhere to the following rules of professional conduct:

  • To set an example of good citizenship by honesty and fairness in all dealings.

  • To perform all services in a dignified and respectful manner.

  • To respect the confidence of each family served.

  • To observe all public health laws and support enactment of all just laws pertaining to the mortuary profession.

  • To encourage the advancement of all facets of funeral service.

  • To extend any assistance necessary in offering service in individual cases of actual hardship.

  • To conduct all services in a manner that will assist in meeting the needs of the decedent, both religious and personal of all those served.

  • To cooperate and deal fairly with other funeral directors.

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