Member Dues

Click here for a pdf of membership categories and pricing.

1) Regular Members:

Funeral Homes are considered our “Regular Members”. Once a funeral home is a member, each employee is considered a member and will receive discounted rates at all CFDA functions.

Member Benefits

  • For a full list of CFDA exclusive member benefits, click here.


2) Special Vendor Members:
Non-funeral companies serving the funeral industry may join CFDA as a non voting member, receiving discounts, an annual directory, listing in the directory, listed with link on the CFDA Website, advertising opportunities, quarterly CFDA Newsline Magazine, member discounts, Email alerts.

Dues Schedule
Fees are due by July 1 each year. The CFDA fiscal year runs July 1 – June 31. All dues and fees are set forth by the Board of Directors of the CFDA

Regular Member Annual Fee
Annual dues are based on death certificates filed by each firm the previous calendar year. (Pro bono, county cases, charitable, fetal deaths are not included in this count) Base fee: $250.00 (no matter how many funeral homes you own, base fee is charged only once) Plus: $1.50/case

Special Vendor Member Annual Fee
Non-funeral firms serving the funeral industry may join CFDA as a Special Member. Dues are $300 a year flat rate.

Retired Individual Funeral Director/Associate Member Fees
Annual dues are $125.00.

Special and Associate Members will receive annual directory, quarterly Newsline Magazine, Email alerts, and member discounts.