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Why CFDA Membership Pays

The value of membership goes well beyond your dues. Shrinking revenues may cause funeral home owners and managers to call into question the value of membership in CFDA. In light of this challenge, we ask you to consider operating your business with or without the resources and support only available from CFDA. Ask yourself, “When is it that I need support?” “When do I need the fastest answers?” “When do I need a network of friends whom I can turn to?”

While considering these questions, think about the fact that CFDA has 7 employees, and 22 volunteers, searching, analyzing, reading, publishing, debating, investigating, solving, and winning-all working to make your businesses more productive and efficient! Do you want to do all this on your own? What would the costs be in terms of your time, money and effort? CFDA membership starts to look like the bargain it is when framed in this light!

We hope this helps you understand why CFDA membership really does pay! Your contribution to, and participation in, CFDA is significant because it not only contributes to your business growth and professional enhancement, but also furthers the mission of the industry as well. Find Out Why CFDA Membership Pays!

As a member of CFDA you will always…
  • Have a full time staff to assist you with your needs.
  • Be kept fully informed on legislative changes that affect your business practices.
  • Have the advantage and savings of an endorsed insurance program.
  • Be able to hone your competitive edge through CFDA’s continuing educational programs and seminars.
  • Acquire collegial relationships and mentoring through committee participation and annual convention activities.
  • CFDA will increase your knowledge base and give you an invaluable professional edge in today’s global market. Resources made available to members increase knowledge and ultimately save you time and money.

If you are interested in more information about CFDA, please contact our office at (800) 255-2332, Fax (916) 444-7462 or Email us at CFDA@amgroup.us, or fill out the Request for More Information form. Information about membership dues.

Your CFDA Staff is here to serve YOU!
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CFDA Convention x112

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Vendor Relations Manager x114

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Manager of Digital & Social Media x110

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