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California Code of Regulations
The California Code of Regulations is now available on the internet at:

  • Compliance – CA Laws can be found on the internet by visiting:, click on the “Laws/Reg” tab, then go to “existing laws”.Other CA Laws: Go to; Check any Code, scroll ot the bottom on the page and enter either a Section number or term in the ssearch box. You would use this site, for example to locate a section of law in the Insurance Code, the Civil Code or Family Code.Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rule: Type “funeral rule” in the search box, then click on the “Complying with the Funeral Rule”. This will bring up a narrative published by the FTC Staff. The actual text of the Rule is at the end of the narrative.
  • CFDA Cal-OSHA Compliance Program
    CFDA provides members with a complimentary copy of the Cal-OSHA Compliance Program to help members comply with state and federal regulations. This valuable resource enables members to creat a safe and healthful work place with ease.
  • Consumer Guide to Funeral and Cemetery Purchases
    This document must be prominently displayed and given free of charge to any individual who inquires about funeral or cemetery purchases. It is your obligation to reproduce and distribute this document. The Department of Consumer Affairs need only to make the “Guide” available by Internet and printed form. You may reprint this document in a different format as long as you adhere to the Publication Information stated on page 2.You can download the Consumer Guide from the DCA at:
  • Position Statement Media Guide (for members only)
Consumer-oriented Brochures
  • “Before Death Occurs”
  • “What You Can Expect from a Funeral Director”
  • “Alternatives in Funeral Service”
  • “A Child’s Need to Know”
  • “Ceremonies of Remembrance and Farewell”
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