District Funeral Directors Associations and Contact numbers

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  • Bay Area Funeral Directors Association - Dennis Steiner (925) 837-2500
  • Central Valley Funeral Directors Association - Erlinda Valdez (559) 834-2531
  • Kern County F D Association - Jim LaMar, President (661) 324-9701
  • Los Angeles Funeral Directors Association - Karen Thomas (562) 799-8499
  • Orange Belt F.C.& C. Association. - Kathy Cheney, President  (951) 689-1011
  • Orange County F D Assoc - Fred Nalder, President (562) 205-4837
  • Sacramento Area F D Association - Savannah Hall  (208) 870-1531
  • San Diego County F D Association - HW Ragsdale III (Skipper) (619) 263-3141
  • Valley Lode F D Association - Ben Sivils, President (209) 632-1018



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  • Cal-OSHA Update on ATDs (1/15/14)
    There are additional requirements for funeral homes regarding aerosol transmissible diseases (ATD) relating to the provision of embalming services and first call services. The linked ATD program materials should be inserted into your respiratory protection program. You should review the elements of the policy and determine the applications to your workplace, the impacted employees or staff, making them aware of the policies and whatever training/education may be required. CFDA maintains a Cal-OSHA Compliance Manual in digital format that we have provided to all our members. Since most funeral homes probably have printed out the manual we are providing the training materials for your use. Since this is the second update we have provided we will likely incorporate these changes into our digital format and provide an updated CD to all members in 2014. In the meantime you should utilize the printed materials. If you have any questions contact Bob Achermann at or call the CFDA office.

    Cal Osha Update 1-15-14

  • New Amendment Fees (Issued by the State Registrar)
    Effective January 1, 2014, fees for Affidavit to Amend a Record (VS 24) and Physician/Coroner's Amendment (VS 24C) that are over a year will have a new processing fee of $23.00. This is for all amendments that are sent directly to the State Office. No fee is charged if the amendment is applied within one year of the event.