CFDA Committees

Have you always been interested in serving on a CFDA committee? Well, here is your chance! CFDA committees provide members an excellent opportunity to contribute your ideas, insights, and fresh perspective to the work of our association and your fellow CFDA members.

Whether you’re interested in convention planning, public policy and legislation, membership growth, finance, public relations, or professional development, CFDA has a committee for you!

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Below is a description of CFDA’s committees:

Convention Committee
Do you love attending CFDA’s convention, and want to play a role in planning the next one? CFDA’s Convention Committee is charged with planning and budgeting for CFDA’s Annual Convention, including its educational sessions and social events, and also serves as the liaison between the Board of Directors and CFDA’s suppliers and exhibitors.
Committee Chair: Erlinda Valdez of Wallin’s Sanger Funeral Home; Co-Chair: Fred Nalder of Rose Hills

Legislative Committee
Have you always had an itch for politics? CFDA’s Legislative Committee works with CFDA’s lobbyist to study and propose legislation for the advancement and protection of the funeral director and embalmer industry, CFDA’s members, and industry consumers.
Chair: Merrill Mefford of Rose Hills; Rick Woody of Peters Funeral Home 

Membership Committee
Are you passionate about CFDA and want to help us grow our membership? CFDA’s Membership Committee works to develop strategies for membership growth and promotes the highest ethical standards in the mortuary profession and CFDA’s Code of Ethics.
Chair: Robert Risher of Guerra & Gutierrez Family Mortuary; Co-Chair: Jim La Mar of Greenlawn Funeral Home

Professional Development Committee
Do you want to help future leaders in our industry hone their skills and grow professionally? The Professional Development Committee identifies and provides educational programs for members to improve their skills and knowledge, oversees CFDA’s Law Review course, and awards CFDA’s scholarships and annual awards.
Chair: George Perez of Utter McKinley San Fernando Mission Mortuary; Co-Chair: Sean Douglass of Douglass Family Mortuary

Public Relations Committee
Are you a great communicator, and want to promote the image of CFDA and the funeral industry? CFDA’s PR Committee is responsible for disseminating information to CFDA members and to foster positive public opinion about the role and nature of the funeral service. The committee also serves as a liaison to related organizations and provides spokespersons for media inquiries.
Chair: Sean Douglass of Douglass Family Mortuary; Co-Chair: Bob Gordon of Cypress Lawn Funeral Home

Finance Committee
Is crunching numbers your thing? CFDA’s Finance Committee is charged with preparing an annual operating budget, overseeing an annual certified audit of the association’s finances, and supervising the preparation of regular statements and quarterly balance sheets, for presentation to the Board of Directors.
Chair: Fred Nalder of Rose Hills; Co-Chair: Sean Douglass of Douglass Family Mortuary