California is the most highly regulated state in the United States which means business owners have to be on their toes at all times to assure compliance. By joining California Funeral Directors Association you will be well informed and you can be assured that your business, your profession and your well being are represented at the state level. A state association is group of people with like interests who work together as a unit to take their profession and worth to the top level. This association is a well oiled piece of machinery that helps keep California Funeral Directors the most compliant and ethical in the world.

We hope you want to help your profession remain prevalent and highly respected by joining your colleagues’ trade association! Welcome to CFDA!

Member Benefits:
  • Full time staff to serve you
  • Current/Updated State Regulations
  • An 800 number for answers to your compliance questions
  • You are represented and we work hard for your business every day at the State level
  • Website
  • You will have the confidence to know you are doing all you can for your profession and that CFDA is doing all they can to help YOU on the State Level.

Regular Communications…

Every quarter…

  • Board of Directors Meetings
  • Committee Meetings

Every year…

  • CFDA Member Directory
  • Annual Convention
  • Industry Exhibition
  • Educational Seminars

Programs offered…


  • Surveys of Professional Trends, Salaries, & Consumer Preferences
  • Legislative and Governmental Advocacy
  • Professional Development Program
  • Fellowship & Friends
  • Public Relations Spokespersons

If you are interested in more information about CFDA, please contact our office at (800) 255-2332, Fax (916) 444-7462 or Email us at

Your CFDA Staff is here to serve YOU!